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Replication codes

Now-casting the Euro Area GDP - Weekly updates

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Online appendix, Replication codes

Patent-based news shock and patent series here!

Coverage: Economics Observatory

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Replication codes

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Working paper version

Replication codes

Working papers

Prepared for the Handbook of Macroeconomic Forecasting edited by Mike Clements and Ana Galvão

International Finance Discussion Paper # 1385 (Federal Reserve Board)

First draft: December, 2023

This version: October, 2023

First draft: March, 2023

This version: February, 2024

First draft: June, 2022

MATLAB, Julia, Python, and R implementation

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Coverage: EViews blog

This version: November, 2022

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Previously circulated as "Hidden in plain sight: China's contribution to the global business and financial cycle"

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Data (credit impulse and alternative GDP level)

This version: April, 2022

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This version: January, 2021

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This version: July, 2020

First draft: November, 2017 - Job Market Paper

Uncertainty data here!

Gerald P. Dwyer prize for the best paper in finance presented by a graduate student at the 26th Symposium of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (2018)

Policy notes

FEDS Notes

This version: January, 2023

FEDS Notes

This version: January, 2023

FEDS Notes

This version: March, 2022

Presentation video (from 1h16min)

FEDS Notes

This version: November, 2021

Publication (in Portuguese)

Revista Economia ANPEC. v. 10, p. 277-297.